Disposable protective mask, suitable for people who stay in related low risk of infection scenario like:

  • Public stay in crowded places
  • Indoor work environment where people are relatively concentrated
  • Public attending medical institutions
  • Intensive learning and activities for children / school children, etc.

Check Info-graphic of masks needed for different environment here.

Mask Quick Details

Disposbale Medical Masks

3 Ply Material: PP Non-woven + High filtration melt-blown Non-woven + PP Non-woven

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency(BFE): 95%

Application: Daily Protective

Size(W x H): 17.5cm x 9.5cm

Certifications: FDA + CE

Mask Body:

Folded and weld by 3 layers of raw pp non-woven materials + nose clips,
the middle layer is a special melt-blown non-woven, which is the key to stop the virus getting inside.

earloops cut


 Materials: Nylon + spandex round elastic rope

Width: ~ 0.3 cm

Length: 18 cm (max elongation length 38.5 cm)

Welding Point Strength 2

The Breaking strength of the welding connect point is qualified(>10 N)

Packaging Info.

  • Packing: 50 bags into boxes, 40 boxes per carton (2 thousand pcs / carton)
  • Carton size:52 × 38 × 30 cm
  • Carton weight: Gross/net weight(5KG / 7KG)
  • Container:880,000 pcs / 20’ container, 2.23 million pcs / 40’ high container

Mask Quality Control

Disposable medical masks are for anti-virus purpose, only masks produced with right raw materials, and the right production process will lead to qualified masks, here we give you several reasons to choose our masks.

Tested Out to Be Qualified, Rather than Spoken Out

Testing the mask raw materials quality before mass production at our textile lab, and do specific mask tests to ensure masks produce are safe to wear.

Nose clip test

Nose Clip Evaluation

Earloop test

Earloop Testing

Mask Non-woven Test1

Non-woven Detection

Mask Flammability Test

Mask Flammability Test

Mask Breathability Test

Mask Breathability Test(Pressure Differential Test)

Mask Impact Penetration Test

Impact Penetration Test

Earloop welding point breaking force test

Earloops Welding Point Breaking Strength Test

BFE-VFE-Mask Test

(Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)BFE Test

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